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Encouraging a Zero Waste Way Of Living


Why Zero Waste?

The Zero Waste Community Shop & Online click and collect; based in Rutland, Oakham Town Centre. Our ethos is to: sell plastic-free products, source as local as possible and reduce food waste. We set up to challenge the food system and its overpackaged supply chain by sourcing in bulk and selling without packaging, as part of our Climate Change Network.


We sell most items you would expect at a conventional supermarket – including dry food, household products, and toiletries. To further our impact, we pioneering the growth of zero-waste shopping by expanding our product range to include a frozen section, delicatessen counter, fruit and vegetables, orange juice/coffee machines and chilled milk dispensers. With convenience being key in our busy lifestyles, we continually push the boundaries of what we offer package-free. We believe having the widest product range is extremely important to have the greatest impact on reducing plastic pollution.

Rutland Refill is a Community Interest Company based in the heart of Oakham.  Here you will be able to buy groceries, cleaning, and health and beauty products without plastic packaging! We will also be providing a deli and a café where can you sit back and relax whilst enjoying some of our products. Any profits that are not reinvested into Rutland Refill will go to local and environmental causes.


It Works

Customers are able to use any container they like in order to buy products from our store; as long as it is clean and will fit on our scales! There will also be containers that you can buy, or use the free paper bags provided. Our scales are extremely user-friendly so that the process of buying unpackaged goods is as simple as possible. Check out the video below to see a demonstration.

Whichever container you wish to use, firstly it must be weighed. When you do this a label will be printed with a scannable barcode. Then you can fill the container with any of the products, liquids or solids. To reweigh the product simply scan the barcode and place back on the scales to reweigh, the computer will automatically subtract the tare weight of the container. Repeat this step for all of your products and then you only pay for the contents and not the weight of the container.

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Easy Ways to

Minimize Your Waste

Zero Waste Shoping

Fill any container you like in order to buy products from our store; as long as it is clean and will fit on our scales! In the process, you will be cutting down on plastic packaging that so often gets thrown 'away' within minutes of purchasing. When shopping with us you also cut down on food miles because we have many products from producers and growers from in and around Rutland - like organically grown salad, Milk & Bread.